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What is involved in Asbestos Awareness Train the Trainer?

13 December 2021

Despite its widespread use as an insulation material in buildings built and refurbished before 2000, asbestos presents a major health risk all over the world.

When disturbed or damaged, asbestos containing materials release fibres into the air. If inhaled, these harmful fibres can cause an array of life-limiting and even fatal health conditions, including asbestosis, lung cancer and mesothelioma. As a result, asbestos has been attributed as the cause of approximately 5,000 deaths per year according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Since the ban of blue and brown asbestos in 1985, and white asbestos in 1999, asbestos is thankfully no longer used in modern buildings and structures. Yet with millions of buildings and structures built or refurbished before this time still out there, the danger of asbestos remains in homes and workplaces across the country.

As a leading provider of Asbestos Awareness Train the Trainer courses, we know the importance of awareness training. Here we share the details of a Train the Trainer course that will help protect the health of your employees.


Why is asbestos awareness training important?

The main reason why asbestos awareness training is important is that it saves lives! As one of the UK’s biggest industrial killers, asbestos presents a very real problem. With this in mind, enlisting your trainer on our Asbestos Awareness Train the Trainer course will give them the knowledge and guidance they need to deliver the latest and greatest safety information to your wider workforce so they can protect themselves and others.

Under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, anyone who could come into contact with asbestos containing materials must have adequate training.


What is Asbestos Awareness Train the Trainer?

An Asbestos Awareness Train the Trainer course provides all your trainer needs to deliver a high standard of training to your employees.

Our Asbestos Awareness Train the Trainer courses are perfect for trainers serving the construction, industrial or maintenance sectors, and/or any trainer working with tradespeople. The syllabus provides the knowledge and understanding trainers need to recognise the risks associated with asbestos, and how to minimise them as safely as possible.


What can I expect from an Asbestos Awareness Train the Trainer course?

Our Asbestos Awareness Train the Trainer courses don’t just help trainers and their trainees recognise the risks of asbestos exposure.

They also ensure trainers are aware of the health concerns associated with exposure, the different types of asbestos and asbestos containing materials and locations where asbestos is most likely to be found.

Our Asbestos Awareness Train the Trainer courses are suitable for practitioners with varying levels of experience. Every attendee will be awarded City & Guilds Profile of Achievement Award & National Training Services Certification upon completion.

To find out more about our Asbestos Awareness Train the Trainer courses or to book your place, please click here.


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