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Manual Handling Train the Trainer for Archaeology

10 February 2022

Manual handling training is integral to success and safety across various industry sectors. Whether you’re handling objects or lifting something a little more delicate – more on that later! – receiving the right training is the key to preventing all-too-common manual handling injuries and completing your duties safely at work.

Manual handling is now a legal requirement in the UK, with all workers who lift, lower, pull or push objects at any level as part of their job role requiring some form of training. It is a legal and moral obligation for employers to avoid, assess and lower the risk of manual handling injuries too.

With this in mind, our Manual Handling Train the Trainer courses are essential to health and safety within countless workplaces, even in more specialist fields like archaeology…


Manual handling for archaeology – a specialist service

Here at National Training Services, we provide specialist training to assist those looking to deliver the latest practical manual handling techniques and knowledge in more niche fields.

Our Manual Handling training for Archaeologists has been a standout success.


Useful in the workplace and the field

You won’t just find our certified trainers and their students using their manual handling skills in the community, warehouses or the healthcare sector. Manual handling training is beneficial when working in the field too.

MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology) had their training with us. The consortium, which consists of two of the largest and most successful archaeological companies in the country, recently hit the headlines when they uncovered the remains of a wealthy Roman trading town underneath a remote field in Northamptonshire. The site was originally destined to be a part of the High Speed Two (HS2) rail network route.

MOLA discovered an impressive 10-metre-wide Roman road, ancient buildings, wells and over 300 coins as part of the excavation.


Our bespoke courses for archaeology

Our bespoke courses for archaeology are far from set in stone. We’ve worked with MOLA for a number of years to develop manual handling and vehicle marshalling courses that help workers in the sector overcome fundamental challenges.

Our specialist Manual Handling training for Archaeology focuses on how to use and move industry specific equipment safely whilst bearing the environment and its people in mind. Working outdoors on-site isn’t easy, and with this in mind both ourselves and MOLA have worked together to deliver practical guidance for long term manual handling support too.

We’ve been running our bespoke courses in archaeology for a while, and continually develop, amend and update course materials to respond to key issues within the industry.

You can read more about MOLA’s fascinating discoveries here. Looking for a bespoke course that’s specifically designed for your industry and/or business? Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.


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