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What is Cat & Genny Training?

16 November 2021

A cat and genny is a cable avoidance tool and signal generator that is used to locate cables, reduce the likelihood of cable strikes, and pave the way for safer digging. It’s an essential piece of kit across many sectors, and a regular on groundwork, excavation and construction sites.

Pinpointing the location of underground services however isn’t as simple as it seems, even with the use of this advanced equipment. That’s where a Cat and Genny Train the Trainer course comes in...


Introducing cat and genny training

Our Safe Use of Cat and Genny Train the Trainer course is one of the latest to be added to the syllabus here at National Training Services.

It enables trainers like you to deliver the latest knowledge and understanding of cat and genny tools, locators and signal generators to your own trainees to ensure the safe location and avoidance of underground services.


What does cat and genny training involve?

Our comprehensive Cat and Genny Train the Trainer course provides a long list of learning outcomes to guarantee complete safety on site.

By enrolling on and completing a Cat and Genny Train the Trainer course, you will be able to safely locate and avoid underground services, find out more about how locators work and their limitations, and understand equipment functions and controls.

Our cat and genny training also covers how to complete service drawings for preparation works on or in close proximity to underground services. You’ll discover how to conduct pre-use tests, maintenance and operational techniques as well as dig deeper into the methods that can be relied on for safe excavations.


Why should I enrol on a Cat and Genny Train the Trainer course?

Using the latest and greatest cat and genny equipment is easy with our cat and genny training. In addition to learning how to safely use cat and genny equipment, you’ll be given the grounding needed to create and deliver a cat and genny training course of your own in a format that really resonates with your trainees.

Whether you’ve completed a cat and genny training course in the past or are new to this area, our course gives you all you need to deliver cat and genny training with confidence and clarity.


How much is cat and genny training?

At just £795 (plus VAT), our Cat and Genny Train the Trainer course is an affordable way to increase site safety. This course will be available at National Training Services later this year, but you can express your interest here right now.


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