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5 reasons experienced trainers should attend train the trainer courses

10 July 2019

If you’re an experienced trainer, you might wonder why you’d ever need to attend a train the trainer course.

After all, you’ve been there, done it, bought the t-shirt and have held countless successful training sessions at work.

So, why do we see so many highly experienced trainers attend our train the trainer courses at NTS? We think there’s five top reasons:

1. You’ll never stop learning (none of us do!)

The word ‘expert’ is a little misleading. While you can indeed be an expert in a particular subject, you’ll never master it.

This isn’t a failure on your part - or anyone’s for that matter. And that’s for one very good reason: best practices evolve, change and adapt to suit new regulations.

The world’s best piano players will agree that you can never stop learning your craft, and the same goes for training.

2. Company goals can be aligned with training

Far too many training programs fail because they’re not aligned with company goals.

The goals your business has will directly impact the way employees are expected to work and the inherent health and safety risks associated.

Train the trainer sessions will help you design programs that are closely associated with your company’s goals.

3. Your competency directly impacts the safety of your trainees

The more competent you are as a trainer, the safer your employees will be - it’s that simple.

As we’ve previously noted, things change, new regulations emerge and working practices evolve. The more up-to-speed you are with these changes, the more you’ll be able to deliver brilliant training sessions that focus on the optimal safety of every attendee.

4. You’ll get better at designing and implementing training programs

Even the best trainers on the planet will occasionally create programs that don’t quite meet the standards required.

This often happens when you’ve undertaken countless sessions for the same program; your approach can become stale and out of kilter with modern requirements.

Once again, this is down to no fault of your own - it’s far more likely that you need refresher training. And you know what? When you take that training, you’ll return with tonnes of new ideas about how to iterate and improve your training programs!

5. You’ll be happier (and safer) in your job

There’s nothing better than being happy at work, and training is one of the best ways to raise your spirits when things feel like they’re starting to get stale.

A train the trainer course will provide an invaluable reminder about why you decided to become a trainer in the first place. It’ll inspire you with new ideas, reveal opportunities that were once hidden and help you rediscover your love for working with trainees.

What’s more, it’ll make you safer. There are few places where you’ll get the latest advice, theory and practical demonstration of health and safety. And that’s something you can pass onto every single person in your next training session - what a feeling!

Wrapping up

Train the trainer courses are perfect for trainers at all competency levels, so if you think you’ve already learned enough, think again. A refresher course will put you in great stead for providing even safer, more engaging training than you ever thought possible!

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