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What is conflict resolution?

1 February 2024

Conflict Resolution

Where there’s people, there’s likely to be some form of conflict. Workplace conflicts are particularly common, with research revealing that around 85% of employees have faced or dealt with conflict in their work lives. Whether experienced at work or elsewhere, the importance of conflict resolution should never be underestimated.

How does conflict affect workplaces?

Workplace conflicts can arise for a multitude of reasons, including personal differences, opposing working styles, and managerial tensions. Yet one thing everyone affected by workplace conflict can agree on is that it can have a particularly negative impact.

Workplace conflicts often result in lower productivity, decreased morale, higher staff turnover, increased absenteeism, and a heightened risk of mental health issues. The presence of conflict and lack of resolution can have financial implications too, costing companies billions every year.

What exactly is conflict resolution?

While conflict is extremely widespread within workplaces, it doesn’t have to become the standard. Conflict resolution skills are integral to and useful in every part of life, and provide the strategies individuals need to deal with conflict in a healthy, positive, efficient and effective manner.

Whether delivered formally or informally, conflict resolution is defined as a process where two or more people or parties find a solution to overcome conflict and resolve their dispute. There are several routes to successful conflict resolution, with many strategies revolving around the early and effective resolution of disagreements.

Why is conflict resolution important at work?

Conflict resolution skills and strategies are vital in the modern-day workplace. With so many issues caused by workplace disputes (many of which we mentioned above), the correct use of conflict resolution can have a number of positive effects on employers and their workers.

Where can I strengthen my conflict resolution skills?

For trainers looking to boost the conflict resolution skills and strategies of their trainees, our new Conflict Resolution Train the Trainer course is the perfect place to begin. Suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners, our Conflict Resolution Train the Trainer offers fundamental knowledge to those looking to support workers in public-facing roles and other industries.

Our 2-day, City and Guilds approved course covers all the relevant areas of conflict resolution, including the common causes, the three areas of communication, effective communication methods, safety checks, and the art of defusing a situation.

By the end of our Conflict Resolution Train the Trainer course, you’ll receive the necessary registration and certification, all course materials, a unique trainer’s pack, and free post-course support from our experienced training team.

For further information about our Conflict Resolution Train the Trainer course or to enrol, please click here.

Conflict Resolution Train the Trainer

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