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What can you expect for the Fire Marshal Train the Trainer course with NTS?

17 May 2021

Upholding the safety of your staff and all those that visit your commercial building is of course of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to protecting them from fire risks. With this in mind, every business has to fulfil a number of responsibilities to prevent fires, as well as minimise and even eliminate associated fire risks. That’s where a fire marshal or warden comes in.

A fire marshal is integral to keeping the level of fire safety within your commercial building high. Once chosen, a fire marshal is responsible for staff fire training, fire drills and keeping everyone updated on the latest fire safety procedures and policies.

Enrolling on our Fire Marshal Train the Trainer course will ensure your selected fire marshal can fulfil their role to the best of their abilities. Here’s what they’ll gain by training with National Training Services.


Professional training for all industries

Our Fire Marshal Train the Trainer course offers a comprehensive programme that’s suitable for all practitioners serving all industry sectors. Whether you’re just starting out in your role as Fire Marshal or looking to brush up on your fire awareness skills, our Fire Marshal Train the Trainer course will be the right fit for you.

Our Fire Marshal Train the Trainer course is also suitable for use across all industry sectors. In fact, we’ve had candidates from the logistics, construction, engineering, power, retail, education and local government sectors all train with us.


A deeper understanding of fire safety

Throughout this 2-day course, you’ll be given the means to develop and deepen your understanding of the latest fire safety knowledge, legislation and procedures.

You’ll learn about the most up-to-date organisational fire procedures, including daily checks, preventative measures and use of firefighting equipment. You’ll also discover more about your duties as a fire marshal so you can deliver even better training to in-house staff.

In addition to being taught by our experienced tutors, you’ll have access to a wide range of course materials to underpin your knowledge and strengthen your understanding.


Certification from City & Guilds and NTS

All candidates are assessed throughout the program to ensure they meet City & Guilds criteria. If you successfully complete our Fire Marshal Train the Trainer course, you’ll receive a City & Guilds Profile of Achievement Award 3791 and an NTS Trainer’s certificate.

For further information on our Fire Marshal Train the Trainer course or to book your place, please click here.


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