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The importance of face to face training

14 June 2022

Video conferencing technology, like Zoom, provided a lifeline in both our personal and professional lives throughout the pandemic. Thanks to such innovations, individuals could touch base with the family members and friends that they couldn’t be with in person. Whilst specialists like us could continue to offer the training companies and their employees needed to succeed.

Whilst here at NTS Training, we still offer Zoom versions of our Train the Trainer programmes to ensure optimum convenience for our clients and delegates, there really is nothing like completing training face-to-face.

As we negotiate our new, post-lockdown normal, we’re excited to help trainees unlock the many benefits of face-to-face training. Here are just a few of the rewards you can reap by doing just that…


Enjoy increased engagement

Zoom training programmes may provide the convenience you need to enhance your knowledge and up your skills at a rate and time that suits you, but they can also increase the chances of becoming distracted.

It takes a lot of self-discipline to undertake and complete a training course via video. By choosing face-to-face training, you can minimise distractions to pave the way for better concentration and engagement.


Unlock networking opportunities

Another plus-point of attending one of our Train the Trainer courses in person is meeting new people. For those looking to network within their industry sector or specialism, who you meet on our training programmes has the potential to unlock so many great opportunities.


Tap into new ideas

Thanks to face-to-face training, you’ll be exposed to more than just one way of thinking. Discussion is an important aspect of many training programmes, with the ability to collaborate and converse with your fellow trainees bringing different ideas to the forefront.

As you’ll discover, you can learn a lot from others. Discussion and debate can spark interest amongst trainees as well as consolidate learning.


Access the support you need

Here at NTS Training, we understand that each and every trainee has their own unique way of learning. Face-to-face, our training specialists can get to know trainees and customise course material accordingly to ensure improved absorption and engagement for all.

If you encounter a problem or obstacle to learning, you’ll also have the support you need there and then to overcome these challenges. Our experts are always on hand to answer any questions or provide further explanation whenever you need it.

Realise the perks of face-to-face training for yourself by browsing our Train the Trainer courses today or contact us direct for further advice.


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