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The importance of conflict resolution in traffic management

8 July 2024

With recent news reporting that it will soon become a requirement for those who work in traffic management roles to attend a conflict resolution training course, nurturing conflict resolution skills and strategies in a professional capacity has never been so important.

As a profession responsible for planning, coordinating and monitoring the movement of vehicles, their drivers and any cargo from one location to another, traffic managers have a lot to contend with. Planning logistics, optimising routes and keeping the lines of communication open with internal teams, suppliers and customers comes with a particularly high risk of conflict.

Read on to discover what traffic managers everywhere could gain from the knowledge our Conflict Resolution Train the Trainer course makes possible.


Enhanced communication skills

Great communication skills are a prerequisite when working in any traffic management role. Without the right management and resolution, conflict can so easily diminish the communication skills you’ve spent a whole career building.

Our Conflict Resolution Train the Trainer explores the three areas of communication with delegates to help their own trainees develop the most effective methods of communication, overcome conflict and get results from day-to-day.


A deeper understanding of conflict

Before conflict can be resolved and defused, it has to be understood. Throughout our two-day syllabus, our delegates will delve deeper into conflict to ensure a broad understanding of its different facets.

Conflict comes in many forms, but by visiting the most common causes affecting the traffic management sector and other key industries, it can be prevented and resolved as simply and speedily as it arises.


A higher level of safety

Boosting safety is one of the primary reasons why conflict resolution training is so popular. Our Conflict Resolution Train the Trainer course has been attended by delegates training workers in a variety of sectors, not just the traffic management field.

Every professional in a public facing job role can benefit from conflict resolution training and the increased safety levels it makes possible. This includes but is not limited to those in retail, events, customer service, personnel, local authority and government, trade, healthcare, administration, claims adjustment, contract negotiation, management, and health and safety.


Book your place today

Our City and Guilds approved Conflict Resolution Train the Trainer is here to help workers across all industries, including traffic management, to identify, prevent, resolve and defuse conflict. Make sure you have the knowledge and experience to deliver the highest standard of training by booking your place on our course today.

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