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5 things to say to yourself before you conduct a training session

18 November 2018

Assuming the role of trainer in your business is a bit like public speaking. For a set amount of time, you’re expected to stand in front of a room full of people while engaging them and delivering value.


It’s not easy. In fact, for most of us, it’s entirely unnatural and takes a great deal of practice to get right.


Being nervous in such situations is not unusual, nor a sign of weakness, but there’s a few things you can say to yourself every time you’re about to step into the training room to calm those nerves and ensure you deliver an amazing session.

1. “It’s all about them - not me”

Training is absolutely about the people who are being trained. And while that might sound rather obvious, it really is far too easy to inadvertently slip into a mode where it becomes all about you - the trainer.


The session you’re about to conduct will serve the audience and ensure they leave the room with new knowledge and skills. Your role remains essential but your time in the spotlight isn’t the reason for the training.

2. “I’ve done this before”

Even if you’ve only done it once before, that’s enough to feel positive about this next session. That means you’ve already gained experience training people and can use your learnings from the previous session to inform this one (therefore it’ll definitely be better than the last!).

3. “We’re going to have fun!”

Training should be fun!


If you’ve ever taken part in a training session that wasn’t fun, you’ll be familiar with the never ending desire to clock-watch.


More often than not, training is dull and uninspiring not because of the course content but because of the way it is delivered, and if you enter that room safe in the knowledge that you’re going to have a fun learning experience with a great bunch of people (see the next tip), that’s exactly what will happen.

4. “This is a great group of people!”

The people you’re about to train are fantastic; they’ll prove to you why you decided to become an in-house trainer and will make the session one to remember.


Go into that room with anything other than the thoughts above about the people you’re going to train, and you’ll unfairly set expectations about the personalities and characters you’re going to work with.


Granted - you might be acutely aware of the more troublesome characters you’ll be training, but even the hardest to please and most militant can be converted if you start the day with a friendly smile on your face.

5. “I’m not going to be anyone but myself”

Of all the tips in this list, it’s fair to argue that this is the most important.


Don’t be anyone but yourself during the training. It’s understandable that you might want to put a bit of a front on when you’re delivering course material, but the only reason to do that is to respect the material - you still need to be yourself while you’re leading the session.


You don’t have to change yourself to deliver a brilliant training session, because, you know what? You’re more than capable of doing that as you are!

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