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Train the Trainer Courses

NTS Training Train the Trainer Courses

Please see below our City & Guilds approved Train the Trainer Courses.  If you have trouble finding what you are looking for, we also offer bespoke training developed exclusively for your business so please get in touch direct by calling us on 01604 472277 or by emailing us


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If you cannot find the course you’re looking for, please get in touch

  • Face Fit Train the Trainer

    £795.00 City & Guilds Registration and certification. All course materials

    Our Face Fit Training can complement our Asbestos Awareness Training as it’s required under both the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 ACoP L143 (paragraph 196) and the Control of Lead at Work Regulations 2002 ACoP L132 (paragraph 133). PUWER Regulations and COSHH Regulations

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If you’ve never delivered training before or have done so for a while but don’t feel your sessions are effective enough, our Train the Trainer courses are just what you need.

Train the Trainer, as the name suggests, is a City & Guilds approved program designed to train members of staff the skills and techniques required to deliver effective on-site training to their colleagues.

Our Train the Trainer courses will help you move beyond an expert in your field and become a brilliant facilitator of learning. It’ll demonstrate to your colleagues and superiors that you’re the person who can deliver the training required to keep the workplace as safe as it should be.

Training is about far more than being a good presenter. Similarly, knowing your industry and craft like the back of your hand isn’t enough to deliver course material effectively. In order to engage attendees and ensure they retain the learning material, you need to understand how they learn and the best ways to keep them fully engaged.

With an NTS Train the Trainer course, you’ll leave with the knowledge and skills required to become a fantastic trainer in your company. It’s why so many of our trainees return time and again to benefit from the wide range of courses we offer.

We’ve been providing City & Guilds approved Train the Trainer sessions for over two decades and it has resulted in us delivering training to a huge range of industries and individuals.

City & Guilds was established 140 years ago and works with organisations like NTS to increase the skills base of workers throughout the UK. All of our courses are full City & Guilds approved, and that means you can expect effective health and safety tuition from our brilliant trainers.

Our Train the Trainer courses cover a huge range of industries and skills, from manual handling, to safety harness, risk assessment and working at height. The training we offer covers some hazardous occupations, and City & Guilds approval means our procedures and practices are best of breed.

We also deliver COSHH awareness Train the Trainer courses and level 2 and 3 introductions and awards in education and training.

Our training methods and procedures are subjected to City & Guilds’ robust External Quality Assurance activity and checks, so you can be assured of the best possible training from NTS.

If you’re unsure which Train the Trainer course is the best fit for your business and its needs, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

We’re obsessed with workplace safety; it’s why NTS was created. Our Train the Trainer courses are all built with a health and safety first mindset, and you’ll find that woven into all of the training material we provide.

Our brilliant trainers are equally focused on helping businesses increase health and safety standards, and have been doing so for many years. They’ve worked with professionals across a huge range of industries and occupations.

Regardless of the sector within which your business operates, workplace safety training should be one of your highest priorities. Without it, your staff will needlessly be put in danger.

For instance, our manual handling Train the Trainer session is about far more than just lifting boxes. We all engage in manual handling tasks throughout our working days, and it isn’t always obvious when and where it takes place or how you should be lifting, pulling or pushing items safely.

Train the Trainer is designed to give you the ability to deliver effective workplace safety training in house. This will help the business reduce training costs in the long term and ensure everyone in the company is offered the same level of training.

Don’t leave workplace safety to chance in your business. With an NTS Train the Trainer session, your team will discover how to operate within a safe environment and how to contribute effectively to a health and safety first mindset throughout the organisation.

If you or a member of your team is interested in delivering training to colleagues in house, and want to become a trainer who is equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to deliver fantastic training sessions, an NTS Train the Trainer course is for you.

We’ve been delivering Train the Trainer courses for over twenty years, and our fantastic offices in Northamptonshire are conveniently located, offer plenty of parking spaces and act as the perfect learning environment.

Our trainers are super friendly, knowledgeable and make every session they undertake fun, engaging and ultimately rewarding for trainees.

No matter how skilled you are in your role, or how long you’ve been working in your industry, a Train the Trainer course will help you share that knowledge and expertise with your team effectively. It’ll help you understand how people learn and the methods used to deal with unexpected questions and challenges from course attendees.

Our courses are affordable and delivered in an energetic, highly engaging fashion by our brilliant trainers. Book yours today or give us a call if you’d like to find out more about how a Train the Trainer course will help you raise your workplace safety to its next level.

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