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Train the trainer uk

Train the Trainer courses for UK businesses

Our Train the Trainer courses are perfect for large and small businesses throughout the UK and will enable your employees to deliver engaging training in house, without the need for expensive third-party training providers.

Train the Trainer will transform the way your in-house training is delivered. Our courses are designed to empower trainers within your business to deliver the best possible tuition thanks to fully City & Guilds approved training methods.

From fire marshal training to manual handling and abrasive wheels train the trainer, our Train the Trainers courses cover a massive variety of industries and job roles for UK businesses. You’ll gain a full City & Guilds registration, along with a certification for the employee who attended and a raft of training materials.

Our Train the Trainer courses are delivered energetically at our brilliantly accessible offices in Northamptonshire and are open to businesses from all over the UK.

We want to help your business develop a robust overall training program that helps increase employee engagement and ensure they retain the course material. In turn, this will help you develop a safety-first mindset within the business’s culture, boost productivity and raise efficiency for all day-to-day operations.

Why invest in a Train the Trainer session with NTS?

It’s vital that your business has a pool of talent from which to pick whenever you need to deliver in house training. This will ensure such training is cost-effective, capable of creating a highly skilled team and as engaging as it should be - without relying on an external training partner.

There will be people within your business who are more than capable of delivering training to colleagues, but at NTS, we can help develop those skills with our Train the Trainer courses.

If you have team members who happen to be very knowledgeable on a certain subject, we can help them inspire colleagues and become amazing trainers themselves. Delivering know-how and engaging a room full of people isn’t easy, but the amazing feedback we get from our Train the Trainer course attendees confirms that everyone has it within them to become a great trainer.

The three advantages of Train the Trainer

If your UK business is on the fence about Train the Trainer courses, we think there are three unavoidable reasons that our sessions will be of huge benefit.

  1. Every training session is different. If you’re tasked with delivering training in house, you’ll be hit with unique questions each time, and Train the Trainer will give you the confidence to address them properly.
  2. Become a master of engagement. If you appear more authoritative and confident as a trainer, your learners are far more likely to engage with the course content and Train the Trainer will help you become that person.
  3. Learn beyond training. Train the Trainer doesn’t just help you deliver courses effectively - you’ll also learn about learning theory and human psychology.

Book your UK Train the Trainer course today

To discuss our Train the Trainer courses in more detail, get in touch today and speak to the friendly NTS team - we’d love to help you!

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